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Tohsei, a metal coordinator, responds to individual customer specification needs.
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
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Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan  
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Ultra-high-Performance Tubing
Double-composite tubes add new features not available with single-metal tubes.
Tohsei Kokan Cladding
Tohsei Kokan
Note the following before inquiry:
Combination of materials
Dimensions and tolerance
Mechanical characteristics and physical properties
Other specifications
-- processing conditions, operating environment
Specialized drawing
In drawing, material is stretched by passing it through dies at room temperature. Wires, rods, or pipes have sections reduced while the sectional shape -- cylindrical, hexagonal, square, or other -- is changed. Drawing requires cold drawing to ensure excellent inner and outer surface finishing not obtainable through hot-process finishing such as by hot rolling or hot extrusion. Extruded materials are often used for drawing, but drawn tubes and rods have higher dimensional accuracy than extruded materials.
Tohsei Kokan Specialized drawing
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
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