Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei, a metal coordinator, responds to individual customer specification needs.
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
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Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan  
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Tubing for Space Products
Space Industries Seek Our Tubing Technology

The space industry has progressed dramatically in the last 5 decades.
Tohsei Kokan has been supplying stainless steel tubing for rocket fairings of from the H-1 launched in August 1986 to the current H-2A.
This close cooperation is expected to continue.
Tohsei Kokan has been serving customers for 70 years, meeting their needs for trial production, special development, and new distribution systems.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority .


To meet user needs, Tohsei Kokan deals in a wide variety of products from many excellent makers, ranging from steel tubing to steel products in fields such as automobiles, construction machinery, shipbuilding, plants, housing, and furniture.
We meet customers' special needs for products using our special proprietary products, which are not available as ready-made products from other manufacturers.

Shapes: Tohsei Kokan supplies large- and small-diameter tubing, thick- and thin-walled tubing, and products of all shapes. Our widely varied products include square, hexagonal, and specially shaped tubing.
Materials: Tohsei Kokan meets user needs for materials ranging from
low-carbon steel to pure metals, from carbon steel and special alloys as
inconel, hastelloy, and sealants to nickel, copper, aluminum, and their
alloys, to noble metals such as titanium, niobium, and tantalum.

Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
Tohsei Kokan
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